What were the experiences and perceptions?

Decree of Expulsion (extract)

All Moriscos had three days from the publication of the decree to gather their portable property and report to the authorities. From there they would be provided with ships and sustenance for the voyage to North Africa. Anyone who did not comply would be killed.

Any Morisco remaining in Spain after three days could legally be robbed and killed. After publication of this decree, Moriscos had to stay in whatever domicile they were in at that time until the authorities could come and escort them to the port. Moriscos could be killed if they tried to hide or burn their own property. the King planned on giving all non-moveable property to his vassals. No Old Christian or soldier can mistreat Moriscos. No one can hide or conceal Moriscos under penalty of six years in the galley. Moriscos cannot be harassed on their way out of Spain, and ten Moriscos from the first ship would be allowed back to Spain to provide proof. Morisco boys and girls under four years of age can stay in Spain if they choose to. Boys and girls under age six can stay in Spain if their father is Old Christian and their mother is Morisco.  If the father is Morisco, he will be expelled while the Old Christian mother and children can stay. Moriscos can stay if they have lived among Christians and not attended the council of the aljama [community]. Moriscos can stay if they received the Holy Sacrament with the permission of the prelates. If Moriscos want to go to other kingdoms besides North Africa, they can, but cannot pass through other Spanish kingdoms on the way.