What were the experiences and perceptions?

Contemporary testimonies

There are several testimonies which offer a different view about the treatment given to Moriscos when they were shipped. Although the official propaganda silenced the criticism, the humiliation to which many Moriscos were subjected by soldiers was an open secret.

A squad of Moors
hearing thousands of insults;
men with richness and treasures
women with ornaments and costumes.
The old women with sorrows and tears
pouting and grimacing,
loaded with vile ornaments
of pots, pans, pitchers, candlesticks.
An old man is holding a child’s hand,
another child goes to his mother's breast,
another one, a male as strong as the Trojan,
carries his father in his arms.

Poet Gaspar de Aguilar (1561-1623)

Moors were humiliated and robbed, left only the clothes to cover their bodies, which was a violation of the King's orders. [Jorge de Cárdenas, noble of Elche] made them undress and take everything off.

Complaint of the official receiver of the town of Elche, 1645