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Capitulation of Granada (selection)

  • That any Muslim wishing to become a Christian should be allowed some days to consider the step he was about to take; after which he is to be questioned by both a Muslim and a Christian judge concerning his intended change, and if, after this examination, he still refuses to return to Islam, he should be permitted to follow his own inclination.
  • That no Muslim should be prosecuted for the death of a Christian slain during the siege; and that no restitution of property taken during this war should be enforced.
  • That no increase should be made to the usual taxes, but that, on the contrary, all the oppressive taxes lately imposed should be immediately suppressed.
  • That no Christian should be allowed to peep over the wall, or into the house of a Muslim or enter a mosque.
  • That any Muslim choosing to travel or reside among the Christians should be perfectly secure in his person and property.
  • That no badge or distinctive mark be put upon them, as was done with the Jews and Mudejare (converted Muslims).
  • That no muezzin should be interrupted in the act of calling the people to prayer, and no Muslim molested either in the performance of his daily devotions or in the observance of his fast, or in any other religious ceremony; but that if a Christian should be found laughing at them he should be punished for it.
  • That the Muslims should be exempted from all taxation for a certain number of years.