What were the experiences and perceptions?

The Capitulation of Granada (extracts)

  • That both great and small should be perfectly secure in their persons, families, and property.
  • That they should be allowed to continue living in their dwellings and residences, whether in the city, the suburbs, or any other part of the country.
  • That their laws should be preserved, and that no-one should judge them except by those same laws.
  • That their mosques, and the religious endowments pertaining to them, should remain as they were in the times of Islam.
  • That no Christian should enter the house of a Muslim, or insult him in any way.
  • That all Muslim captives taken during the siege of Granada, from whatever part of the country they might have come, but especially the nobles and chiefs mentioned in the agreement, should be liberated.
  • That all those who might choose to cross over to Africa should be allowed to take their departure within a certain time, and be conveyed thither in the king's ships, and without any pecuniary tax being imposed on them.
  • That after the expiration of that time no Muslim should be hindered from departing, provided he paid, in addition to the price of his passage, the tithe of whatever property he might carry with him.
  • That the Christians who had embraced Islam should not be compelled to relinquish it and adopt their former creed.