Why did they move?

Multiple perspectives on the Push Factors 9

There may be one other ‘push factor’ which contributed indirectly to the mass migration of the Circassians. They were divided amongst themselves and this made it easier for Russian forces to isolate different tribes and communities and defeat them.

the absence of all political cohesion between the northern tribes...and those inhabiting other parts of the Caucasus and, indeed, the almost utter impossibility of bringing about such a consummation. Each and all cannot be made to forget their blood feuds, still less to unite in a common cause.

Consul Dickson, Soukan-Kalé, 22 February 1864 To: Earl Russell, Foreign Secretary.


This extract from a dispatch from a British Consul to his Minister in London reflects the his and his colleagues’ experience during and after the Crimean War when trying to organise resistance to Russia across the Caucasus.