Why did they move?

Multiple perspectives on the Push Factors 6

The views of the Circassians are also on the historical record. Petitions for help were sent to the rulers of the Great Powers, including the Sultan, the Queen of England and the Emperor of France.


Tired steps to hope


Extract from petition:


It is now more than eighty years since the Russian Government is unlawfully striving to subdue and annex to its dominions Circassia, which since the creation of the world has been our home and our country. It slaughters like sheep the children, helpless women, and old men that fall into its hands. It rolls about their heads with the bayonet like melons, and there is no act of oppression or cruelty which is beyond the pale of civilization and humanity, and which defies description, that it has not committed. We have not, from father to son, at the cost of our lives and properties, refrained from opposing the tyrannical acts of that Government in defence of our country, which is dearer to us than our lives. We therefore invoke the mediation and precious assistance of the British Government and people – the guardian of humanity and centre of justice – in order to repel the brutal attacks of the Russian Government on our country, and save our country and our nation together.

Signed by the people of Circassia 29 Sheval, 1280 (April 9, 1864)