Why did they move?

Multiple perspectives on the Push Factors

It is important to recognise that many historical accounts are constructed from evidence gathered from lots of different sources and these sources will not always agree with each other. The foreign ambassador based in St Petersburg, Russia will hear a different account from his colleague based in Constantinople.  The journalist on the spot may have a different point of view from the military observer gathering intelligence for the High Command.  The Doctor examining the immigrants at their port of arrival will have another perspective. Most will not only state the facts as they see them they will also seek to interpret these facts for their chosen audience. So, we need to compare and contrast these different perspectives and note the similarities and differences before drawing any conclusions about motives, reasons and causes.


  In each case we need to ask:

•  From whom might they have got their information?

•  For whom are they providing this information?

•  Why might they be selective with the evidence or biased in their interpretation?


Our answers to these questions will enable us to decide how credible and reliable each of these sources is as an objective account of why the Circassians moved .