What were the experiences and perceptions?

Experiences during the journey 4

When 2718 people who left from Samsun to come to Cyprus arrived, 853 of them were dead and the others were not very different from being dead. The daily dead toll is about 30-50.

British Consul in Cyprus, R.H. Lang to the Foreign Secretary, London


Some idea may be formed of the mortality raging among them when it is known that out of 600 Circassians who took passage in a steam transport, after a voyage of three or four days 370 only arrived at their destination. The accounts that are received of the helpless and destitute state of these unhappy beings surpass in misery and horror anything I have ever seen recorded in connection with suffering humanity. Women in childbirth exposed to the inclemencies of a Black Sea journey, without assistance or the bare necessaries of life, enveloping their newborn in a corner of their own ragged garment; sturdy warriors who had achieved many a gallant deed lying prostrate in the agonies of a horrible death, decks swarming with the dead and dying.

The Times, 9 May, 1864


July 6th – A telegram from Gallipoli announces the landing of 3340 Circassians.

The total of the immigrants hitherto landed on various points of the coast of the Sea of Marmora, 21,703. Letter dated Samsoun 30th ult., report 100,000 immigrants, and 300 deaths daily. Fresh arrivals from Circassia balance the departures. Reports from Batoom, 26th ult., announce the arrival of 8500 Circassians from Ardilar. June 30th, Varna. 530 Circassian passengers from Theodosia. A report from Widdin says that the 35,000 emigrants had been distributed between Zohmpalanka, Sofia, and Nich, 664 deaths after their departure from Widdin. They spread typhus and small-pox wherever they settle. Nearly 200 men from the crews of Turkish vessels which convey the emigrants, have had the typhus fever, and have been sent to the Naval hospital. This circumstance does not deter the Government from sending as before the vessels appointed to transport the immigrants.

Extract taken from intelligence received by the Board of Health of the Ottoman Empire