What were the experiences and perceptions?

Experiences during the journey 2


My mother was very beautiful. I remember her vaguely. She was tall and had big, green eyes. She had long dark hair coming down to her waist. During the Great Circassian Migration my mother and father, together with their two children, set sail for the unknown. They were forced to abandon their homeland, leaving behind their roots, memories and everything they possessed. In spite of all the suffering they had gone through, they never lost their hope. Because, they knew that losing hope was synonymous with death. As they sailed for the unknown, trying to hold on to life in boundless seas, diseases arouse in their vessel. Hunger, misery, diseases and death were following them. I was only four years old but I remember them throwing her into the sea... Her long dark hair entangled with the waves... Those on the ship watched her lifeless body until it disappeared... I remember weeping with my brother on our father’s lap...I was furious and outraged, crying ‘Why did you throw my mother into the sea?'

The recorded memories of the grandmother of Dr. Sibel Siber, Member of Parliament, Republican Turkish Party (CTP), North Cyprus