What were the experiences and perceptions?

Emigrants’ experiences before leaving their homeland 2

Waiting on the beach

It is calculated that no less than 300,000 will, within the next two or three months, seek shelter in this country, and half that number are now seeking the means of transporting  themselves to the Turkish coast of the Black Sea. Unfortunately, it is found most difficult to obtain transports for this purpose. The Turkish Government has offered every pecuniary inducement for obtaining it, without avail. It is now their intention to disarm some of their men-of-war, and employ them for this service; but even this resource will not be sufficient to meet the difficulty.......... Negotiations [by the Porte] are in progress with the Russian Government to induce them to open their ports in the Black Sea, so as to give a regular and systematic course to the movement, instead of driving the unfortunate emigrants to the unprotected beach in search of small coasting vessels, which are crowded to excess.

The Times, 9 May, 1864