What is the legacy?

Circassians in the USA

State of New Jersey Executive Department: Proclamation


WHEREAS, Since 1864, the people of North Caucasia have been the victims of oppression by the Russian government; and
WHEREAS, through the ages, the people of North Caucasia have struggled bitterly to regain their freedom; and
WHEREAS, on May 11, 1918, following the Bolshevik revolution, the people of North Caucasia declared their independence and North Caucasia was recognized by many nations as a free state; and
WHEREAS, in 1920, North Caucasia lost its freedom when it was conquered by the new Communist regime; and
WHEREAS, over the years, people of North Caucasia who resisted oppression were either massacred or forced into exile, including many now living in the United States and in New Jersey;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Brendan Byrne, Governor of the State of New Jersey, do hereby proclaim MAY, 1976 as NORTH CAUCASIANS INDEPENDENCE MONTH in New Jersey.


GIVEN, under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of New Jersey, this twenty-sixth day of May in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy-six, and in the Independence of the United States, the two-hundredth.