What were the consequences?

What happened to the survivors? 2

Angelo Bertuzzi was the postman who used to deliver the post to the whole area of Monte Sole in the 1940s. Angelo and his family were able to save themselves from the massacre by  escaping towards Bologna. They returned to Sperticano, the village in the Reno Valley where they lived, after the end of the war.

They entered their village without saying a word. The houses in Sperticano were almost all collapsed. The buildings in the parish had been destroyed by the bombing. Of their house, little more than the walls were left. Angelo, his wife and the children settled there as best they could.The morning after, Angelo took his brown leather [post] bag and went up the mountain. He didn't go any further than his usual first stop: San Martino. He saw corpses  scattered all along the path and beyond the small, half-burnt wood on the hill before San Martino. He looked round as  thoroughly as he could. In front of him, where there should have been a church, a village, several big stables and straw bales, there was nothing any more.Everything had been levelled to the ground. The only remains of what had once been San Martino,  was a baptismal font, some piles of stones, some rubble that had been the cemetery wall. The postman looked beyond the mountain in the direction of Caprara but where once there had been the ancient main municipality of Monte Sole, now he could only see a bunch of crushed trees. In the direction of  Casaglia he could only see fields with big trenches and barricades. He turned and went quickly down the mountain. His wife asked: “So? What did you see on your route?”. “My old route....” – said Angelo drying his eyes. “It's all gone, dear. I no longer have anywhere to  deliver the post to.”

Source: Jack Olsen, Silence on Monte Sole, Penguin, USA, 1968