What is the legacy?

Soon after the war the victims of the massacre were commemorated as martyrs for freedom.

On the 25 September, 1949 the President of the Republic of Italy, Luigi Einaudi, presented the Gold Medal for Military Courage to the village of Marzabotto. This ignored the fact that the massacre happened at 115 locations scattered across a large, mountainous area, including the municipalities of Marzabotto, Monzuno and Grizzana. The victims in Monzuno and Grizzana were completely forgotten in this process of public commemoration.

In his presentation speech President  Einaudi  said:

[...] Marzabotto preferred iron, fire and destruction over surrendering to an oppressor. For 14 months they endured the dire arrogance of the Teutonic hordes, who could not destroy the nobility of their sons entrenched in the hills of Monte Venere and Monte Sole, sustained by the love and active support of their elders, women and children. The ruthless massacres……..could not defeat them, and the 1.830 dead rest in the mountains while in the valley it will forever be a reminder for future generations of what love for the Fatherland can achieve.

Source: Renato Giorgi, Marzabotto speaks, Marsilio, Bologna, 1955, p.17



The presentation to Marzabotto of the  Gold Medal for Military Courage by the President of the  Republic, Luigi Einaudi, 25 September, 1949.  

(Archivio comunale di Marzabotto);