What is the legacy?

Public memory and personal testimonies:

In 1955 the first collection of testimonies of the survivors of the Monte Sole massacre was published under the title, “Marzabotto speaks”. It has been re-printed many times since then.


It is still a very important document  because it contains some firsthand evidence of what happened that is not available anywhere else. 


The author’s intent is clear throughout  the book. It is to create an epic picture of what happened in Monte Sole.


The book’s potential for constructing a public memory of the events is very clearly highlighted in the preface written by the Communist Mayor of Bologna, Giuseppe Dozza, who was elected soon after the war.


Preface by the Mayor of Bologna, Giuseppe Dozza in 1955


When, on the 5th anniversary, the President of the Republic gave to Marzabotto the Gold Medal of Military Courage, that represented the acknowledgement and undying gratitude of the Fatherland for the huge sacrifice by its sons and daughters one message stood out on the mountain that one could see high and far away from the stage reserved for the authorities and for the families of the fallen: “Win the Peace”. (...) The fighters of 1943-45 expressed their desire for a new life with blood and sacrifice. Their battle was deeply soaked with martyrdom especially in Marzabotto in September-October 1944(….) The name and the sacrifice of Marzabotto will contribute to cementing the union of mankind (..,) This was certainly the aspiration of those that died in the atrocities ten years ago. That their sacrifice will not be in vain, that their wishes will be respected!

Source: Renato Giorgi, Marzabotto parla, Marsilio, Bologna, 1955