What is the legacy?

The Public memorial and the private memories of the survivors

Here three survivors, Angiolina Massa, Cornelia Paselli and Salvina Astrali comment on The Sacrary, the monument erected to the victims of the massacre.  They are critical of the distance between so many of the places where the massacre actually took place and Marzabotto where the main commemorations and the Sacrary are located. The Sacrary was built in the valley while the massacre took place in the mountains. The real places of the massacre were ignored in the public discourse for more than 40 years.


Only since the mid 1980s have the actual places been re-discovered in the public memory; first by the Catholic Church and then with the creation of the Historical park of Monte Sole (1989) and the Peace School Foundation of Monte Sole (2002).


Video Clip: Angiolina,Salvina, Cornelia 34.42--->35.55




Source:Peace School Foundation of Monte Sole, What we went through. Memories of Monte Sole, Bologna, 2007