What is the legacy?

The La Spezia Trial of German War Crimes in 2006

The military tribunal in La Spezia started its preliminary investigations in 1997 and the trial began on the 13th of April 2006. The sentences were announced on 13th January 2007. In the trial the defendants were 17 german soldiers and officers of the 16th SS Panzergrenadier Division, all judged in absence. Files on all these officers and soldiers were in the “Cabinet of Shame”. The charge was moral “concourse in violence against civilians” during the massacre at Monte Sole. The prosecution endeavoured to demonstrate that an operation of this scale and of such homicidal uniformity  could not have been planned withouth the active consent of the soldiers of the four companies of Reconnaissance  Unit  of 16th SS Division. The sentence was life imprisonment for all those charged but nobody went to jail.


A panoramic view of the port of La Spezia in the region of Liguria in north west Italy.