What is the legacy?

Introduction: Private Memories and Public Memory

In this section we will analyze how the events of what happened in Monte Sole in September-October 1944 have been remembered since the end of the Second World War and the role this remembrance has played in the construction of post-war Republican Italy.


We will analyze the differences between private memories, collective memories and the public memory.


We will see how the events of Monte Sole have been transformed by public memory into an epic history of the Resistance. The extreme violence against the people of the region employed by Nazi Army, the complicity of local Italian fascists and the role played by the partisans have been transformed into a collective public myth: the martyrdom of an entire people for the sake of the liberation of Italy.


At the same time the massacre of the people in all the villages of Monte Sole has become associated in that public memory with the massacre which occurred in one place: Marzabotto.