What is the legacy?

The interpretation of Father Dario Zanini: a counter-myth to the Resistance grand narrative?

This book presents an anti-partisan interpretation which places equal responsibility on the Nazis and the partisans for the massacre.  The author claims that the victims were abandoned by the partisans who had promised to protect them. As such it contrasts markedly with the Resistance Grand Narrative. An anti-partisan bias runs through the interpretation  (the right wing ideology of this author is well known). Nevertheless, the book contains a very detailed collection of testimonies, many of which come from people who are no longer alive. Also many survivors see in Zanini their point of reference because of the ant-ipartisan perspective they developed after the war.



Father Dario Zanini, priest of the parish of Sesso Marconi to the north of Monte Sole


The partisans embezzled the 5 priests killed in Monte Sole: they are victims of Nazism, they are innocent martyrs, they are civilian heroes (.....)  The priests of Monte Sole were partisans? It was believed that they could have been classified among the heroes of anti-Fascism.. But their glory is not to be found [in the history of] the resistance and even less in the kind of resistance of the Stella Rossa brigade. The merit of those priests lay not in their support of the partisans but in the fact that they suffered them. The collaboration with them is not a reason for pride by anybody.(...) on these partisans I have testimonies that I don't want to reveal now. The only thing they shared in common was  cohabitation. A difficult cohabitation, as one can imagine, with armed people, almost always greedy to the point of  insatiability, arrogant to the point of being threatening, imprudent to the point of jeopardizing themselves and others.The conduct of that brigade could not be condoned by any priest, neither in terms of values and goals (Communism) nor at the concrete level. Every day their conduct contradiicted and violated any ethical principles and any evangelical norm. 

Father Dario Zanini, Marzabotto e dintorni, Bologna, 1996, p. 637