What is the legacy?

The construction of a monument to the victims of the massacre, the Sacrary, in Marzabotto

Shortly after the massacre, the victims were quickly buried in mass graves. Later they were re-buried in various small cemeteries around Monte Sole. However, in the late 1950s it was decided to build a monument, the Sacrary, in the centre of Marzabotto.

The Sacrary was completed in 1961. Like the military monuments of World War II in Italy, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense and is run by the General Commissariat for the Honour of the Victims of War.



The inauguration of the Sacrary, 8th October 1961

Source: Centre of documentation for the study of the Nazi-Fascist massacres and wartime reprisals, Marzabotto http://www.comune.marzabotto.bo.it/upload/marzabotto/gestionedocumentale/memoria%2011_784_2421.JPG



The entrance of the Sacrary in Marzabotto today

Source:  http://www.comune.marzabotto.bo.it/upload/marzabotto/gestionedocumentale/memoria%201_784_2410.jpg