What were the consequences?

The British investigation of the massacre: evidence of a systematic counter-insurgency operation

By August 1945 British investigators were convinced that the  German counter-insurgency strategy was very precise: a carefully conceived system of orders founded on and linked to an intense phase of action against civilians. On 9th July 1945, an officer of the British War Crimes Section defined the Nazi attitude towards the Italian civil population as “a systematic policy of extermination, plunder, piracy and terrorism”. It was an “organized campaign” based on rational planning.



 Scheme of the Nazi combing-out military operation in Monte Sole published in a handbook for German soldiers titled Counterinsurgency in Northern Italy (1945)

Source:Bandenbekaempfung in Oberitalien – Counterinsurgency in Northern Italy, 29th march 1945, Germany edited by the General Kommando I Fallschirm Korps – Fuhrungsgruppe 1C - Parachutes general command: 1st Corp.