What were the experiences of those involved?

Adriano Lipparini, a partisan

In the night before the massacre Lupo and ten other partisans went to Cadotto, one of the houses in Monte Sole, on the slopes of the Setta valley. They spent the night there and on the morning of the 29th, very early, they were caught unawares and unprepared by the Nazi troops coming from the Setta Valley. Here there was the only real fight between the partisans and  the Nazis. Almost all of the partisans died that morning, including Lupo. Lipparini was also in Cadotto that night.


There was no reason to go to Cadotto, outside the partisans' area. Evidently Lupo didn't fear dangers, he could see that the Anglo-Americans were very close. The Germans hadn't shown up for many hours, but in the middle of the quiet euphoria voices of alarm were being raised. It was not right that the Commander exposed himself so much to risk for non-military reasons. The reasons why Lupo, Gianni and Leone drifted away from their commands were personal.


Adriano Lipparini, partisan of the Stella Rossa tells about the night before the massacre,28th September.


Source: 1967-80, Bologna (Italy), Testimony of Adriano Lipparini collected by Luciano Bergonzini in Luciano Bergonzini, La Resistenza a Bologna, 5 vol, Bologna, Istituto per la storia di Bologna, 1967-80