Why did they move?

A speech delivered during the Hambach Festival in 1832

It was given by Philipp Jakob Siebenpfeiffer, a German lawyer, journalist, and one of the initiators of the festival.

„Fatherland – freedom – yes! A free German fatherland – that is the meaning of today´s festival. These are the words that have echoed like thunder throughout all the German territories, rattling the bones of all traitors to the German national issue, yet encouraging all true patriots. May Germany rise again from the debris under which time´s force and the nobles´ treachery have buried it.

And the day will dawn when Germans from the Alps and the North Sea, from the Rhine, the Danube and the Elbe, will embrace as brothers; when all the suffocating regulations and tolls, all the symbols of division, obstruction and oppression will vanish. This if the spirit of today´s festival, the spirit of the renaissance of our fatherland.

Long live the free, the united Germany! Long live the Poles, the Germans´ allies! Long live the French, the Germans´ brothers who honour our nationality and sovereignty ! Long live the Fatherland, the rule of the people and the union of peoples! Vivat!“

Speech taken from: Bezirksverband Pfalz (Ed.), Das Hambacher Fest 1832 2007, 2007. Translated by S. Semmet