What were the experiences and perceptions?

How to judge nobles’ democracy?

The phenomenon of nobles’ democracy has attracted considerable attention for centuries for it was quite unique and long-lasting but with no happy-end. Judging it, remains one of the most controversial debates in the historiography of Poland. It is interesting and important to notice how one’s own position and experience influences his opinions and interpretations.

Whose experiences and perceptions are taken into consideration?

Of actors (participants) and eyewitnesses of the events and processes (Kochanowski, Fredro, Rousseau); but also of the future researchers and interpreters of the phenomenon of nobles’ democracy (Marx – from the 19th c., historians from the 20th c.).

From Poland and from abroad (and also of a Pole living abroad: Oskar Halecki was a Polish emigre historian)

Of people of different professions: politicians (Marx), historians, poets (Kochanowski), philosophers (Rousseau, Marx).