What were the experiences and perceptions?

“Denmark’s Happy Muslims”

From a report on CBS News in February 2008.

The Danish journalist, Sebastian Dorset, told me in an interview that:

The contentment of Danish Muslims may stem from the fact that Denmark is almost totally homogenous socially. Denmark has no large disparities of wealth, and has had very little national turmoil for more than a half a century. We have very little violence. We have very little murders. So people are, feel very safe.

Sebastian Dorset’s optimistic view cannot represent the whole truth. The experiences of immigrants in Denmark was not always positive. Assimilation into a new society often takes time and requires many painful adjustments. Many immigrants to Denmark were welcomed at the beginning, especially because they were needed to help the economy, but this welcome did not always last because economic conditions changed. Many immigrants faced discrimination and prejudice because they were seen as representing an alien culture.