What were the consequences?

The return of Finnish children back to Finland

In 1945 the Committee for Children’s Evacuation starts to bring the war children back to Finland. Most of the children are brought back between 1945-1947. However, not all the families in Finland want to take their children back.

According to a survey that the Committee carries out in December 1945 among 600 families in Helsinki, only 1/3 are willing to have their children back. The Committee thinks that the most important reasons for the families’ reluctance are economical and social: the families are now freed from the children’s fostering and they have lost touch with them.

These kinds of problems are to be found also in other big cities in Finland. Still, the Committee wants to get all the children back. It has to found children’s homes as the circumstances in many children’s families have been changed during their stay in Sweden and they cannot be given to their biological parents directly. Eventually either the children’s biological parents or new foster parents in Finland receive the children.

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