Why did they move?

Finland's decision to evacuate the children

OThe decision to send many thousand Finnish children to Sweden is made because of a poor foodstuff situation in Finland. The shortage is, however, felt only in the biggest cities and is in no way catastrophic.


Another way of helping Finnish children is to give foodstuff in the country. In the year 1942 around 7 000 people are fed daily in Finland. The foodstuff is sponsored by the Swedes. There is also a possibility to be a godparent to Finnish children and in this way send help to children to their home country. These forms of help prove that it is possible to help the Finns effectively in other ways than separating children from their parents.


In 1942 Minister Fagerholm says to those criticizing the operation that it has already saved 17 000 children from death and that the operation will continue. Representatives belonging to the right wing party IKL suggest to the Finnish government that it would change the law concerning the contract between the Nordic countries that regulates adoption rules. The party wants to make the adoption of Finnish children in other Nordic countries dependent on the approval of the Ministry of Justice in Finland. The representatives are afraid that Finland might lose the children sent to Sweden. The suggestion results in a stricter surveillance of the requisitions for adoptions but it doesn’t change the contract between the Nordic countries.