Why did they move?

End of the Winter War and beginning of the Continuation War

The Winter War of 1939 lasted for only 105 days. During this war Sweden received around 8000 children and 4000 mothers. However, peace did not last. A new war between the Soviet Union and Finland, called the Continuation War, began in June 1941. By that time Germany had occupied France, Norway and Denmark and the Soviet Union had occupied the Baltic countries. Fearing Soviet occupation, Finland had become closer to Germany. Just before he invaded the Soviet Union, Hitler announced that Finland was an ally of Germany. At the beginning of Operation Barbarossa, Germany was allowed to use Finland’s airports and airspace to bomb the Soviet Union. Finland was now regarded as Germany’s ally against the Soviet Union. This began the Continuation War.
As a result Swedes were once again active in trying to help Finland and suggested starting the evacuation of children again.

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Minister Fagerholm