Why did they move?

Commitment that the Swedish foster parents had to sign

_______ has taken a Finnish child________ to his/ her care via the Help Committee for Finland’s Children .
[…] I commit myself to take care of the child until the circumstances in the child’s home are such that the child can go back to Finland or his/her future is otherwise been taken care of.
I commit myself to look after the child as if he/she was my own and treat him/her as a member of the family, to feed him/her properly, give him/her clothes and shoes, make sure that he/she goes to school and gets guidance on the occupations that he/she seems to be inclined to, be a good example for the child, in cases of illness make sure he/she gets treatment and give the child suitable tasks without straining him/her too much. […] I am also committed to send the child back home when the child’s lawful parent so wants and to take care of the travelling expences. I am aware that I have no right to demand any compensation for the maintenance of the child. If the child will not be called back home and if the child doesn’t want to go back I will help the child to renew his/her passport and possibly to get the Swedish citizenship. […]

Source: Kavén, Pertti, Humanitaarisuuden varjossa. Poliittiset tekijät lastensiirroissa Ruotsiin sotiemme aikana ja niiden jälkeen, 2010.

Consider the wording of this commitment that Swedish foster parents signed.  Why do you think that the Swedish parents had to sign such a commitment?