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Asylum seekers coming to Finland

Today, Finland doesn’t have to send children away because of war or hunger. Instead Finland receives every year around 3000 to 4000 asylum seekers from countries such as Somalia and Afghanistan. Not all the asylum seekers are children and they are not sent to Finland (or to other European countries) as a result of a planned govermental action. Still, their personal experiences might not differ that much from those of the Finnish war children that much but these people do not always get the same kind of warm welcome as the Finnish war children got in Sweden.


Asulym seekers to Finland between 2000 and 2010

YearNumber of Asylum SeekersNumber Denied Asylum
2000 3170 2121
2001 1651 1045
2002 3443 2312
2003 3221 2443
2004 3861 3418
2005 3574 2472
2006 2324 1481
2007 1505 961
2008 4035 1011
2009 5988 2568
2010 4018 3428


Source: Tilastokeskus / Statistics Finland ,


Task for students: Look for statistics about asylum seekers to your country. From which countries do they come from? Why are they seeking asylum? How many of them are under age? What kind of problems do you think they encounter in their new home lands?