The evacuation of children during times of war, an example from Finland

During the second World War Finland fought two wars against the Soviet Union, the Winter War and the Continuation War. Finland managed to maintain its independence but the cost of war was heavy: over 270 000 men were killed, wounded or were lost in the battlefields and 420 000 Finns lost their homes as Finland had to give up 12 % of its area according to the peace settlement. 

During war around 70 000-80 000 Finnish children were sent to safety, mainly to Sweden (also Denmark took about 4000 children). Most of the children were sent officially via the Centre of Nordic Help in Finland but around 15 000 children were sent privately. Most of the children were under 10 years old. More than 60% of them came from blue collar homes. Many of the children were sent away more than once as there were more peaceful periods during the war when the children could came back to Finland.