Why was it an issue?

Arguments for and against women's suffrage which were used at the time

Women were capable of understanding politics.
Other countries were giving women the vote, e.g. New Zealand.
It would be democratic to give women the right to vote.
Some uneducated working men could vote but well-educated “respectable” women could not. This was unfair.
Women who were taxpayers should have the right to vote for Parliament.

Women's brains were smaller than a man's brain. Therefore they were incapable to understand political issues.
Women were represented by their husbands.
Women did not fight wars, so why should they vote?
There were many more important social issues for women to fight for.
Women were child bearers and that would stop them from taking part in political life and if they did take part they would stop having children and that would be a threat to the British Empire and the whole human race.


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