Why did they move?

"Wild Expulsions": An account of events at Usti nad Labem (Aussig)

My name is Therese Mager. I was a nurse with the Red Cross living in Aussig. On the afternoon of July 30, 1945, around 4:30 p.m the Czechs stormed through the streets, beat up the Germans or shot at them when they tried to flee. I ran to the bridge that crosses the Elbe river, and here I saw hundreds of workers who were coming from the Schicht manufacturing plant, being thrown into the Elbe. The Czechs shoved women and children and even baby carriages into the river. These Czechs were mostly wearing black uniforms with red armbands (SNB men). Other Germans were thrown into the big water-tank on the market-place. Whenever one of them rose to the surface, the Czechs would push him down again and keep him under water with long poles. The mass persecution of the Germans lasted until late in the evening. Neither any official authority or the Russian occupation forces took steps to curb this mass murder. In Aussig the total number of people who lost their lives was almost 1000.

Many first hand accounts like Therese Mager's can be found on the website www.wintersonnenwende.com. These accounts were collected in 1951. Although the website pursues a one-sided, right wing agenda the sources it contains are valuable to historians.


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