What were the experiences and perceptions?

The 'transfer' of the Sudeten Germans

Sudeten Germans expelled from Czechoslovakia arriving in Berlin
Sudeten Germans expelled from Czechoslovakia arriving in Berlin in 1946 to take a train to other parts of Germany.

The 'transfer' of the Sudeten Germans was a traumatic experience for millions of people. Whole communities were uprooted. This mass migration was made up of countless individual stories.


Many Sudeten Germans were placed in ‘holding camps’ (often camps that had been used by the Nazis during the war) before being deported to Germany or Austria. Many faced greater hardship as they made long journeys in search of safety and somewhere to live. At first, they believed their new homes would only be temporary but, over the years, it gradually became clear that they would not return to the Sudetenland. Demands for an apology, or for compensation, were rejected.


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