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How does this fit into the bigger picture?

How does this fit into the bigger picture?

Sami pupils

In Sweden and Finland there were similar assimilation/education policies towards the Sami as in Norway. Now the Swedish and Finnish Sami also have their own parliaments. There is transnational Sami cooperation as well and the national governments and private sector are starting to realize the opportunities in this northern transnational cooperation.


Furthermore, parallels can be drawn to the colonial policies of assimilation and to other nation states. In Peru, for instance, very similar arguments were used than in Norway. Nationalist and security politics (the threat of Chile) arguments resulted in a very similar assimilation policy in early twentieth century Peru as was the case in Norway. The Convention No. 169 of the ILO (International Labour Organization) states that cultural and other specificities of indigenous peoples have to be respected. The ILO Convention No. 169 also states that the indigenous are to be consulted on any decisions that might have an effect on them. Norway has ratified the ILO Convention No. 169 (in 1990). Of the other countries with Sami minorities, neither Finland, Sweden nor Russia has ratified the ILO Convention No. 169.


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