What is the legacy?

Monuments and Memory

The tradition of holding ceremonies in honor of the Irish migration and Great Famine can be traced back till the early 19th century and continues to today. The picture on the left shows a memorial service that took place on August 1909 in Quebec. Monuments related to the Irish Diaspora can be found across the world in the cities that were most popular amongst the Irish (New York, Toronto, Boston, Sydney, Liverpool). Many of the monuments have been erected after 1990, which indicated a renewed interest in the Irish roots.

My emotions are those of one whose Irish ancestry and heritage have been part of my consciousness from earliest days, indeed, as one whose great grandfather emigrated with his family in the immediate aftermath of the Great Famine.

Quoted from an Address By Sir William Deane on the occasion of the unveiling of The Great Irish Famine Memorial Sydney (Saturday, 28 August 1999)


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