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Yulia Kushnereva


Yulia Kushnereva is a history and civics teacher working in a Moscow gymnasium since 1989. She has been a Board member of the Moscow History Teachers Association since 1998 and has been awarded several times for her work in history education; She has worked on a range of EUROCLIO activities from 1998 onwards as a participant, and expert. She has worked as an expert for the Russian Ministry of Education and worked as an international author and expert in history education projects in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. As a Board member of the Moscow HTA she was a coordinator of different Moscow HTA projects. She has been involved in different national and in-service training courses as a trainee and a teacher trainer as well. Yulia Kushnereva worked as an expert in the national project " Informatization of the Educational System". Yulia Kushnereva is an author of many publications on history and history education, including on-line teaching materials on medieval history, CD “Medieval History”, co-author and editor), CD “Ancient History” (co-author), textbooks “World in the 60s: illusions and disillusions” (co-author) and “Mosaic of Cultures (teaching history in multicultural society)” (co-author).



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