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Robert Stradling


Dr. Robert Stradling is a Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Blueprint Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. This is an interdisciplinary research centre which focuses on evaluating the introduction of new government policies and initiatives. Having taught modern history and politics at London University for some years he then took up a post as deputy director of a policy research centre in 1988. In 1992 he moved to Scotland to help establish a new University for the Highlands & Islands. He moved to Edinburgh University in 2001 and has been seconded to the Scottish Government since September 2006 as a policy adviser. Although now working mainly in the field of policy research he has retained his interest in history and the teaching of history, and has been a part-time consultant to the Council of Europe for many years. He is the author of Teaching 20th Century European History (Strasbourg 2001) and Multiperspectivity in History Teaching (Strasbourg 2003). He is also the editor of Crossroads of European History: Multiple outlooks on five key moments in the history of Europe (Strasbourg, 2008). With Chris Rowe he has also produced a CD-ROM containing a multiplicity of sources drawn from across the whole of Europe around five turning points in recent European history: Critical Moments in Recent European History (Strasbourg, 2008).


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