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Bodo von Borries

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Dr. Bodo von Borries studied history, German language and literature, and social sciences. Bodo von Borries holds a doctor's degree in "social and economic history" which he obtained in 1968 at Bonn University (Germany). He worked as a high school teacher in history and German language and did professional work on educational reform. From 1988 -2002 he did cross-cultural studies on historical consciousness, questioning of adolescents and their teachers in East and West Germany (1990, 1992) and in Eastern and Western Europe (YOUTH and HISTORY, 1995) in order to use comparative methods for deeper understanding of national traditions and particularities. He also initiated mixed method (qualitative and quantitative) study in German speaking regions in 2002. From 1976 to 2008 he was professor of education (with special respect to the learning and teaching of history) at Hamburg University (Germany).



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