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Benny Christensen


Benny Christensen graduated from University of Copenhagen 1974, holding a BA in English and an MA in History. He was Senior Teacher at Fyns HF-kursus (Upper secondary school/gymnasium) Odense, Denmark, until 2009, and is now an independent consultant on history education. Benny Christensen served as a board member of the Danish History Teachers’ Association from 1997 to 2003 and was Chairman of the International Committee 1999-2003. He was Project Manager and Expert in the project: ‘Towards a New History’ (Serbia and Montenegro) 2001-2003, funded by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. He has participated as an expert in a number of international activities, e.g. Council of Europe training courses in Serbia 2001 and 2003, and the 2002 Azerbaijan all-republican conference of history teachers. Benny Christensen has actively supported EUROCLIO since its first years of existence, and he is a firm believer in the important role EUROLIO plays in promoting quality history education and intercultural dialogue. He has taken part in a number of annual conferences, also moderating workshops, and has acted as EUROCLIO expert on a number of occasions, most prominently in the EUROCLIO project ‘History in Action-Planning for the Future. Regional Approaches for the Learning and Teaching of History. in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia’. (2005-2008).



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