There is a diverse group of people behind Historiana. They represent more than 30 countries and come from different professional backgrounds. This diversity in the team of developers is a key element of Historiana.


The majority of the authors who have developed material for Historiana are educators themselves. This means that our material is well fitted for and tested in an educational setting. As the authors come from a wide range of European countries, the educational material that has been developed is relevant for an audience of European educators and pupils.


All material developed is scrutinized by an international editing team from a variety of countries. Our editorial team assesses both the historical data and the didactical aspects of the Historiana modules. For this reason, our team of editors compromises distinct researchers as well as internationally renowned didactical experts. The editing team is supported by Academic Advisors to which they can turn to for advice on specific issues.    


The Historiana Advisory Board has played a key role in the development of Historiana. Their first meeting in 2008 started the development of the educational material and online framework of Historiana. From 2008 onwards, they have monitored and assessed the development of Historiana.


Historiana was initiated by EUROCLIO - The European Association of History Educators and Erfgoed Nederland (The national Heritage Institute of The Netherlands). At the moment, EUROCLIO coordinates the further development of Historiana.


We are always looking for people who are motivated to help the development of Historiana. Please contact for more information.

Advisory Group Member
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